Project Rules:

Project Rules for the safety of all participants:

  • No open flames should be used.
  • Live or dead animals are not permitted
  • Use of high voltage, chemicals, molds, or other substances which could be considered dangerous materials, toxins, or allergens are NOT allowed.
  • Projects must be self supporting with or without an attached base. Freestanding display boards can be purchase at office supply stores.
  • Plan to keep your exhibit in working order. Exhibits with working parts should be checked often so that minor repairs may be made.
  • Projects requiring an AC outlet should adhere to the following rules: Metal chassis, motors, transformers, etc must be grounded. This can be accomplished through a three-prong attachment plug. Moving parts such as gears, levers, and belts that could be a hazard should be shielded or made inaccessible.
  • Make your exhibit strong and durable. Avoid loose unattached parts: build them into your exhibit. Protect valuable or fragile parts with Plexiglas, clear vinyl, clear plastic, or screen.
  • No guarantee against damage or loss can be given.
    • Arlington Central School District does not permit latex balloons, latex rubber bands or latex gloves in any of our district buildings. Projects for the MST Fair should not include latex balloons, latex rubber bands, or latex gloves. Projects that do include any of these items will not be allowed in the building on the day of the fair.